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We use a robotic total-station to accurately and quickly mark out any event. Similar to how a construction firm would mark out a build site, we work from your production drawing to extract the necessary data and locate all of the elements of your event in the real world. Using this technology, we are able to translate your show from the digital world into the real world accurately at full scale.

Two total stations set up to mark out rigging

Every mark out begins with a drawing of your event and the venue at which it will be taking place. Our equipment is capable of working indoors and outdoors, in anything from a small ballroom to a large event field. The next step is to have a conversation about what specifically you need marked out. We can mark out virtually anything you can draw, from a series of chain motor rigging points, to a seating or table layout, to an intricate large-scale paint installation. Once we have this information, we can begin preparing your drawing for our system and extracting the necessary data. With this uploaded to our equipment, we are ready to head on-site and begin marking out your event.


When we get on-site we identify known points within the venue in order to orient our equipment to the space. Once the equipment is set up along these points, we can begin marking out your event. We generally mark outdoor events using spray paint/chalk and flags, and indoor events with chalk, tape and stickers. While every job has different needs, we find that on average our two-person crew can lay out up to 500 points in a day at an indoor layout.

Indoor markoutat Sands Convention Center

Click the images below to see more examples of the mark out projects we have undertaken in the past!

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