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Maurice A. Ferré Park

For this project, the client needed an accurate 2D drawing of the park in order to plan the layout of an upcoming concert. We provided this using our high-definition aerial imagery service. Using these images we were able to create a drawing of the site including all major obstructions such as trees and fire hydrants without requiring a site visit.

Aerial Image of Park

After a pre-production site visit by our client, they discovered they needed a topographical survey of the park in order to better place the stage. We were able to provide them with this using our laser scanner. We generated a grid of point elevations and placed this on the site drawing we had already completed.


Our involvement continued when we were asked to mark out the concert. We took the event drawing generated by the producer and loaded it into our total station to prepare for the markout. We used spray paint and flags to mark out the major components of the event, focusing especially on the stage and back of house ground protection. In addition, we marked out all front-of-house tents, fence lines, trailers and scenic elements.


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