Geffen Playhouse

The Geffen Playhouse contacted us to create a 3D model of their mainstage space. The primary focus of the project was to create an accurate drawing of the slope of the audience seating area. Additionally, we captured the stage and backstage areas as well as the mezzanine and trap room. 

Geffen Playhouse Gil Cates Theater
3D Laser Scanner on Geffen Playhouse Stage

The scanning process took one technician approximately 8 hours of onsite time to complete with a total of 29 scans. 

Geffen Playhouse Point Cloud
Geffen Playhouse Point Cloud and Autocad Model Overlay
Geffen Playhouse Autcad Model
Geffen Playhouse Stage Pointcloud
Geffen Playhouse Point Cloud and AutoCad Model Overlayed
Geffen Playhouse AutoCad Model

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