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The venue is an events and performing arts venue. We were hired to provide an accurate model to be used for projection mapping on the interior surfaces. Due to the complicated molding and arched ceilings, traditional survey methods would have been time consuming and inaccurate. Instead, we used our 3D Scanner to generate a point cloud and provide the end client with detailed meshes of the building.

Vibiana venue photo
3D Laser Scanner in Vibiana Venue

The scanning process took one technician approximately 6 hours onsite for a total of 17 scans. After this we processed and aligned the scans. In addition to drafting a full 3D model of the space, we provided the client with detailed meshes of some of the more complicated surfaces in the space.

Point Cloud of Vibiana
Point Cloud Overlapped with Model
3D Autocad Model of Vibiana
3D Mesh of Vibiana Altar

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