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3D Laser scanning is the latest addition to our survey arsenal. With this technology we quickly capture more data than ever before, allowing us to create even more detailed 3D models more quickly all while cutting down on time spent in your venue. Our scanners capture real world data and prepare it for the digital world, delivering information that can be used to analyze, collaborate and execute better decisions that will your overall project and product quality.

Faro S70 Scanner in Theater

Each scan can capture between 8 and 100 million points with scan times ranging from 8 to 45 minutes based on the resolution needed. An accurate survey requires multiple individual scans in order to capture every detail of the space. The typical full survey can be anywhere between 250 million to over 1 billion points of data. Our team can typically perform 30 - 40 scans over the course of a 10-hour workday, which includes time for target set-ups and scanner movement as well as additional photos and detailed note-taking. 

Overview Map of Laser Scanned Venue

Once all scans are completed, our team processes and registers the scans to ensure proper alignment and to confirm that all necessary data has been captured.  On average, one day of scanning takes one day to align and register.


After processing and registering we export the data to AutoCAD and begin drafting. Depending on the level of detail needed for the project, we offer everything from 2-D ground plans and elevations to detailed 3-D models. We are also capable of generating topographical studies of a scanned area. This has been used in the past to plot expected drainage or even just to find the flattest part of a field to place event elements. Depending on how much detail your project requires, we estimate about 4-6 hours of drafting per scan.

3D Model of Lase Scanned Venue

Click the images below to see more examples of the scanning projects we have undertaken in the past!

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